“Here is the key: you’ve got to send your words out in the direction you want your life to go.  You cannot talk defeat and expect to have victory.  You can’t talk lack and expect to have abundance.  You will produce what you say.  If you want to know what you will be like five years from now, just listen to what you are saying about yourself.  With our words can we either bless our futures or we can curse our futures.  That’s why we should never say, ‘I’m not a good parent.  I’m unattractive.  I’m clumsy.  I can’t do anything right.  I’ll probably get laid off.’

“No, those thoughts may come to your mind, but don’t make the mistake of verbalizing them.  The moment you speak them out, you allow them to take root.  There have been plenty of times where I’ve thought something negative and I’m just about to say it, but I’ll catch myself and think.  No.  I’ll zip it up.  I’m not speaking defeat into my future.  I’m not speaking failure over my life.  I will turn it around and speak favor into my future.  I will declare, ‘I’m blessed.  I’m strong.  I’m healthy.  This will be a great yer.’ When you do that, you are blessing your future.” – Joel Osteen by I declare, 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life

Speaking negative increases the outlook of a negative day and future.  We have to train ourselves to look and speak positive.
Renee Madison, MA, LPC, CSAT is a licensed counselor in Colorado.  She can be reached for appointments at 303-257-7623 or 970-324-6928